Carnival Spirit - Cabins 4117/4127 Inside Obstructed View

Carnival Spirit - Deck 4 Inside Obstructed View, Forward, Starboard - 4117 Twin and 4127 Quad

When we were looking at prices and cabins we had wondered what an inside obstructed view cabin was. What was it looking at? We thought an inside cabin had no windows so how could it have an obstructed view? Very strange. Anyway, when we looked into it they are actually an 'outside' cabin that have an opening glass door with a railing across and the obstruction is from the tenders being directly in front. Carnival just class these types of cabins as inside not just an obstructed view, for whatever reason. It does say to not open the doors but we did every now and then to get some fresh air and to check the temperature. The bed was sort of in the way so you couldn't really open them up all the way anyway. We were able to wave to the other cabin when we both opened our doors.

Cabin 4117 - Twin

Bathroom - this was exactly the same in both the twin and quad rooms

Cabin 4127 - Quad (without the bunk down)

Obstructed View - the tender

Cabin 4117

Cabin 4117

Cabin 4117 with the tender gone

The corridor to our cabins - Deck 4 Starboard

Welcome to cabin 4127

A very messy cabin 4127

A very tidy cabin 4117 with the tender gone

Opening the door when the tender was gone.

Cabin 4127 - the bunk isn't down yet

Cabin 4117 - desk area. Under the TV is the safe and below the desk is the fridge

Cabin 4117 beautifully adorned by Miss 13

Cabin 4117 as modelled by Miss 13

Cabin 4117 hallway with a stowaway stingray towel

Cabin 4117 - final evening. Our cabin steward (Eva) placed the packing mat on the beds. I guess that means we have to pack our bags!

Teddy trying to escape from cabin 4127 (or was Rusty trying to push him!)

Cabin 4117 - desk area

Cabin 4117 - chocolates on our pillow. We got these every night. I'm not sure who ate them all as I didn't have one!

Cabin 4117 - cupboard space, there was plenty of room. There are three lots of hanging cupboards.

Cabin 4117 - all packed.

Cabin 4117 - the bathroom. To the left is the basin.

Cabin 4117 - bathroom. Opposite is the shower.

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