Pacific Pearl - Inside Cabin 6112

Cabin 6112 - Inside Forward, Port side
Cruise Cam

Lots of hanging space and drawers

The main area - in an outside cabin behind the curtains would be the window

The carpet and curtains did clash a bit!

Just hanging around! We had about 5 towel animals throughout out cruise.

The bar fridge - not that it was very cold

Neat & tidy cabin thanks to Yuri our fabulous Cabin Steward

The cabins on the Pearl, Dawn and Jewel are basically the same. The bathrooms are exactly the same as is the wardrobe area. The room configurations were slightly different in each of the cabins we've been in but I think this also depends on how many people are using the cabin - they're all the same size and have the same amount of storage space, which is quite a lot! I did find the beds a bit comfier on the Dawn and the Jewel.

We never felt cramped but it take some getting use to not having a window. The room was VERY dark without any lights on, VERY! We tried having the cruise cam on over night so we could tell when morning was but I found it hard to sleep as it still gave off a bit of light. Being so dark we did find it hard in the mornings not knowing what time it was, for all we knew it could have been 3am or 9am! Not that time really matters on a cruise, unless of course you've got shore tours organised or you don't want to miss out on brekky!

Our cabin was just below the Marquee Show Lounge - we did hear some noise from it when there was a show on or when the entertainment staff were practising but nothing that bothered us and it wasn't every day.

Our verdict on an inside cabin: if the price is right we'd do it again. If we can get an outside cabin for not much more we would book that but sometimes there can be quite a bit of difference in price which we have decided isn't worth it. For this particular cruise and outside cabin was $200pp extra - which was still a good price for twin share but seeing as we hadn't done an inside cabin before we decided to go with the cheapest option and give it a try. VALUE for MONEY!

Our cruise was $549pp for an Inside Cabin on a 10 night South Pacific Cruise, we were very happy with that. Booked with

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