Dawn Princess - Balcony Cabin A322

Twin Balcony Cabin

Looking towards to door - wardrobes on the left, bathroom opposite

Cosy but functional bathroom

The shower is on the right - quite a compact bathroom

Looking towards the balcony

Sliding door out to our balcony
We LOVED having a balcony! This is the first cruise with one, we've either had an inside or outside cabin, and was a real treat. We've heard many people say 'you don't spend much time in your cabin' which can be true. We definitely spent more time in our cabin this time around than we did when we had an inside cabin.

Having our own outside space and being able to get fresh air and know what the temperature was outside was so nice! It definitely won't stop us from having a standard cabin without a balcony but if I can get another bargain I will get a balcony cabin again. Well worth the money!!

We did find that the actual cabin itself (not including the balcony) was smaller than previous cabins we've had on P&O and Carnival and the bathroom was definitely smaller but it didn't really make much of a difference. We could fit everything in the drawers and wardrobes and our suitcases fitted easily under the beds. I'm not sure if the cabins are smaller due to the fact they have a balcony or if all standard cabins are that size. Don't let it worry you though, we still had enough room for the two of us. Possibly it would be a bit more cosier if there were 3/4 people - I'm not sure how the balcony rooms are configured with extra people.

The balcony it's self isn't huge but fitted us comfortably. There were two lounge deck chairs and a small round table - although again, not sure how it would go with more than 2 people. You'd fit 3 chairs, snuggly, or four of you standing.

We were on Aloha deck which is deck 11. We found this to be a great deck. Quiet and close to the Horizon Buffet which is on deck 14 and at the same end as us. Deck 12 is the Riviera deck which is the pool deck. We had no noise and never any issues with the cabins either side of us when we were out on our balcony.

Two Thumbs Up!!

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