Carnival Spirit - Inside Cabins 8137/8245/8249

Deck 8, Rear, Starboard (right)

We had three twin inside cabins on Deck 8 - 8137, 8245 & 8249.
8245 & 8249 were next to each other 8137 was at the other end (forward).

We really liked the location of our cabins, especially 8245 and 8249 as we were one deck below the pool deck and buffet. This made is so easy for the boys to be able to pop back to the cabin to change in or out of their swimmers or to pop up to the buffet for a snack without getting lost. We didn't have any noise from above. I think if we did an inside on the Spirit again we would probably try and get these cabins or close to them anyway. They did seem a bit smaller than the Obstructed Inside View cabins we had on our first Spirit cruise but still plenty of room for the two of us or in mums case, the one of her!

Cabin 8245 Inside, Deck 8 Starboard
Towel Animal - Cabin 8245

Cabin 8245 - Twin

Cabin 8245 Twin

Cabin 8245 Bar Fridge & TV

Cabin 8245 Left are the wardrobes, to the right is the bathroom
Cabin 8137 Twin

Cabin 8137 Left is the desk and the wardrobe, right are the beds & bathroom

Cabin 8137

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