Monday, January 30, 2017

Ovation of the Seas - Monday 30 January, 2nd Sea Day

Day 3 - 2nd sea day
Our second sea day went pretty much like the first one although this time we ate lunch in Windjammers and not our cabin and went to a 'silent disco' in Two70.

Silent Disco - getting my DJ groove on
The silent disco had us intrigued so we had to go and see what it was all about. How it works is there are two dj's who play different music to one another but to hear them you need to be wearing headphones! There's a button on your headphones which you can switch between the two dj's (green or blue) or switch off so you can't hear any music. This is when it gets funny! People are dancing and singing but if you don't have headsets or you've switched them off you can't hear any music but you can hear people singing, generally very loud and off key! It's hilarious. As is the dancing because there are two types of music playing some people don't look like they're dancing in time but that's only because your listening to the other dj! We didn't dance, may have accidently sang out loud a few times, but had a great time!

There's dancing at the Silent Disco

We watched the flowrider and ifly - we're booked on the ifly for later in the cruise but think we'll just be spectators for the flowride. It looks fun but it also looks like you could hurt yourself if you get it wrong, which I'm sure I would. Actually, a day or so later a guy of about 60 did fall and hurt himself quite badly and had to be airlifted off and taken to Noumea Hospital. We did hear later on that he returned to the ship when we were in Auckland. He was wearing a neck brace but luckily had no serious injuries!

It's a big ship so the corridors are long, luckily our cabin wasn't far from the stairs/lift
 We had drinks in Vintages before we headed for dinner. It's a nice, quiet lounge just up from Two70 and next to Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant and above our restaurant.


American Icon - our restaurant!
Starters - the food in the restaurant was superb
 When we got back to our cabin we had a new roomie, Ellie the elephant!

Ellie the elephant

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