Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ovation of the Seas - Sunday 29 January, 1st Sea Day

How lucky are we?? (hint: very)
We started our first sea day with a cuppa, made from our kettle in the room, on our balcony. Such as small thing to have a kettle but it was nice to not have to either order room service or pop upstairs to get a cup of tea. I know, 1st world problems! We're easy pleased anyway.

Solarium Bistro - our breakfast venue of choice
No plans for the day so we just relaxed a bit on the balcony before getting ready and then headed upstairs to check out the Solarium Bistro for breakfast. This became our place for brekky. It's a smaller and quieter buffet style restaurant which suited us just fine. I'm not a morning person so being able to eat my muesli and have a cup of tea in relative peace was nice, especially on such a big ship. The solarium area is a lovely space with lots of windows and light coming in. I could get use to this. (and I did)

The Promenade - deck 4. Always busy when there are bargains to purchase!

Heading for Jamie's, Vintages and Two70 Lounge and Cafe

Two70 Lounge
After breakfast we went for another walk around the ship, trying to get our bearings and work out where everything is. Is very well laid out so didn't really take us that long to find things and not get lost. The majority of the main public spaces are decks 3, 4 and 5 and then the top decks 14, 15 and 16. The rest is basically cabins. Deck 3 is the casino, deck 4 is the main promenade or atrium level with the majority of shops plus restaurants and the main part of the Royal Theatre (Our restaurant was on this level) and deck 5 has a few restaurants and bars plus a couple of shops and the photo centre.

The Two 70 Lounge at the back of the ship, deck 5 with a balcony area and library on deck 6, was a beautiful area. The whole back of the ship is all glass so you can image the views. This also turned into screens for shows, a very funky place.

We went to Windjammers to grab some lunch and decided to enjoy it on our balcony, we loved having a balcony.

Lunch in our cabin
6.45pm - Dinner reservation in American Icon. I'd prebooked this doing an earlier sitting as I had booked us in to see the show in the Royal at 9pm so didn't want to have to rush dinner (or miss out on dessert!). Our second dinner on board the Ovation was just as yummy as our first!

We'd often check the menu out on either our TV or the iQ app on my phone
9pm - Show in the Royal Theatre, Live.Love.Legs Fantastic show. Lots of dancing, legs and singing. Definitely worth seeing. There was another showing at 10.45pm but that was a bit late for us. This show was after mum's bedtime! We could go straight in after having our card scanned as we had a booking but there were a number of people waiting in the 'standby' line hoping to be able to go in if anyone with bookings didn't show up. 8.50pm was the cut off for people with bookings and then they would start letting in the standbyers. It is a decent sized theatre but like old theatres are there some seats better than others. A few nearer the back were behind columns and the lower ones weren't as tiered as the top so if a taller person sat in front of you, you may have a bit of a time looking around them. We did notice people saving seats, which aren't meant to do, but what made it even worse was that they were saving them for people who did not have a reservation. A bit selfish if you ask me! Anyway, we really enjoyed the show and were looking forward to the other shows I had prebooked for later in the cruise.

Live.Love.Legs show in the Royal Theatre
 Now it's time for bed, we aren't party animals that's for sure!

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