Friday, February 3, 2017

Ovation of the Seas - Friday 3 February, 4th Sea Day

Mum enjoying our balcony
Another sea day as we get closer to New Zealand and our next port of call! The weather has been near on perfect. I thought it would get colder as we got closer to NZ but so far it's still lovely and warm. We spent some more time walking around the ship, taking happy snaps and watching the flowriders and rock climbers. The pool areas are great with three separate main pool areas, two of which are inside. The main outside pool area also includes a great kiddies area with slides and a whirlpool. I really wanted to try the whirlpool! I think I could have just would have felt weird without a kid with me ;-)

Seaplex - Hotdog van
A lap around deck 15 was just under 1km, that is how big this ship is!

Shuffle Board
Flowride - surfs up!
Rock Climbing

The main pool area with kiddies splash zone - deck 14
The North Star - one of mums favourite activities!
Doing a lap.
Pre dinner drinks in Vintages - deck 5
We had a 7.30pm Show at the Two70 Theatre - Pixels booked so I had booked an earlier dinner for us at 6pm. We were sat in another area of our restaurant, we didn't realised how big it was! The food was just as delicious but the service was not as good, a bit slow. The staff were lovely just didn't look as well organised or possibly there wasn't enough of them. Normally this wouldn't really matter but because we had the show book and need to be there at least 20 minutes before hand we ran out of time to have dessert. :-( The waiter did say he would be quick quick but really, we didn't 'need' dessert!

Yummy dinner! We didn't realise how big our restaurant was.
 The show and venue was fabulous! Amazing layout, the floors open and rise and lower. Performers were dropping down from the ceiling, dancing and spinning, singing and twirling with lots of computer generated images, hence why it's called Pixels! Both of us really enjoyed the show!

Pixels in Two70 - definitely worth seeing
 Guess what, another new roomie! This time it was a monkey. Love the towel animals! (easy pleased)


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