Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ovation of the Seas - Wednesday 1 February, Mystery Island - Vanuatu

Day 5 - Mystery Island
Mystery Island! Still as beautiful as we remembered. We didn't ended up getting off the ship here, mum didn't want to share the island with 4,000 or wait for a return tender.

Beautiful Mystery Island
The tenders are used for this port seeing as it's a teeny tiny island and I think the ship is bigger than it!

We spent most of the day on the Solarium in and out of the beautiful pools. Great day. Breakfast again was in the Solarium Bistro with made to order eggs for mum, perfectly cooked!

Mystery Island from the Solarium

The Solarium
It's hard to get a photo of the whole of the Solarium as it is big and also the pools are tiered - there are three main pools in a waterfall affect ending in a shallow pool with the two hot tubs either side. A fabulous space!

The shallow pool looking up towards the Sunshine Bar
We had grabbed some towels yesterday from the towel bar ready for today either for the beach or the pool. Thought it would be easier to get them yesterday than today but they were very well organised, as with everything so far, so there were plenty of towels to go around.

Amazingly there is an airport on Mystery Island

There were a couple of small planes on Mystery Island when we arrived, I wonder if the knew a massive cruise ship was arriving! We watched them take off later in the afternoon, such a small island to have an airstrip. They took off safely and got far far away from us cruisers :-)

Tender heading over to Mystery - how beautiful is the water?!
 Pre dinner drinks on our balcony as we waved goodbye to Mystery. Two sea days as we head down to New Zealand. Both mum and I are really looking forward to this part of our cruise as it is somewhere we haven't been on a cruise before. Going to new ports is always very exciting!

Seriously good!
 I just have to note that I had a Crab Cake for starters tonight, YUM!

Another new roomie, possibly a koala??


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