Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ovations of the Seas - Thursday 2 February, 3rd Sea Day

Day 6 already!
We've booked for the North Star Experience at 11.20am. I did this online before we left - here's hoping it all goes to plan!

It almost went to plan. Our original time was cancelled due to the wind but we went back a few hours later when we had noticed it was running again and were easily able to get on. We were given a priority pass when our booked trip was cancelled but didn't end up needing to use it as we got straight on. I think mum would have preferred that we didn't get on as once it started going up she realised how high we were going to go. She wouldn't let go of the railing and had a petrified face pretty much the whole time, ha ha. She did manage to take a photo but then realised we were already back down! The North Star goes up about 92 metres and then swivels around to get side views but it doesn't actually go over the side of the ship. The staff member who was on with us said that it has to be absolutely perfect conditions before it can go over the sides so it very rarely does. It would probably only be at a port that is tendered in a very sheltered spot. I still enjoyed it. You really get a great view of the ship!

92 metres above the ship - mum wanted to stay up here longer (not really!)
The North Star
Another day spent exploring the ship and enjoying the views and the yummy food. Dinner tonight in Icon was mum's favourite meal of the cruise! She ordered the Beef Wellington and I ordered the Grilled Salmon but the waiter insisted I have the Beef Wellington. I really wanted the Salmon so he decided to bring them both out for me! I did have some of the Beef, which was delicious and mum had some as well so he was very pleased when he came back to clear the plates that most of it had been eaten :-) I can't believe I fitted dessert in but I did, pavlova!

Grilled Salmon and Beef Wellington for me - I'm not a pig truly!
This isn't helping my cause!

Another new roomie, very cool roomie he was as he was wearing my sunnies!

Almost as cool as we are

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