Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pacific Dawn - April 2011, Day 4 Pentecost Island

12th April 2011 - Pentecost Island

This is a tender stop so we all had to get our tender tickets when we were ready to head ashore. It was only a 5 minute trip but we had been told that around lunch time would be busy so please be patient - most people were you just get the odd person or two that like to complain. You're on holidays people, enjoy - they're been plenty of food left when you get back onboard!

On the tender

We did a bit of swimming here and dad did a bit of trespassing! Trust dad to wander off :-) There was vine diving which the locals apparently do every year. It's to prove your manhood, certainly a great time to be a woman! It's sort of like bungy jumping but the vine doesn't spring back up and you hit the ground. Quite hard I was told as I didn't want to watch it. Too scary and a big chance of seeing someone really hurt themselves, or worse. Miss 11 and I headed back to wait for a tender while the others went over to watch the jumping. It was also quite a hot day so the Dawnie was looking extra inviting!

Miss 11 and I decided to go to the restaurant for lunch. The food was yum as always if not a tad big. Miss 11's meal was half a chicken! That would have feed me for a week back home, she gave it a red hot go though!

We met up with the others later on and enjoyed another Lido sailaway before heading down to dinner.

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