Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pacific Dawn - Day 8, Suva Fiji

Suva, the capital of Fiji is today's stop. We dock here so no tender just walk off, walk on. A lot easier than tenders and less waiting. Not the prettiest of cities and very busy.

We'd heard that there was a place that sold cheap DVD movies so we thought we'd just wander around Suva and see if we could find it. You do have to watch yourself a bit as there are a few dodgy characters about and don't accept anything from the stall holders even if they say it is a free gift. It isn't a free gift. As my dad found out! I think they're fairly harmless just trying to get some money out of us tourists but just be sensible. Stay with a group and don't go anywhere with them - if they suggest going to their shop or a friends shop, don't.

The heart of Suva

Local food market near the port

Downtown Suva

Not far from where the ship docks is a building with lots and lots of wood items. Apparently there is a morning and afternoon price as they kept telling us. Not sure which was better value! They have some really lovely things, not sure how much is actually made by them as all the stalls seem to have pretty much the same things, but the prices weren't too bad. We got a few small things and then headed into the heart of Suva.

A friendly local

There's a fancy department store, I think it's aimed at us tourist, we went into just for the airconditioning but there were many other cruises in there spending, spending, spending! The prices didn't look that special.

Lots of walking and we, amazingly, found the dvd shop - we shopped up a storm and then headed back to the ship. It was really hot and humid so the kids (and us oldies) decided a dip in the pool was called for and maybe a trip to the buffet!

 Pirate night tonight but Master 4 was the only one who put any effort in. Everyone thought he was so cute! (he was)

Bonito (head waiter man) and Master 4

Another day another yummy dessert

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