Friday, April 15, 2011

Pacific Dawn - Day 7, Port Denaru Fiji

Port Denaru, Fiji is a tender stop and a long tender ride it is. It's about 30 minutes on the tender and can be quite hot.

Sailing into Fiji
Port Denaru is a very touristy town so we thought we'd see if we could hire a car and head out into Fiji. We found it very difficult to do this and ended up hiring an man with a minivan - this turned out to be quite expensive but we were on holidays and though, why not!

We didn't know anything about Port Denaru or Fiji or what was out there and how far away was 'it' so we left it to our drivier. He took us through Nadi and to a bank to make sure we had enough cash to pay him! Nadi (pronounced Nandi) isn't the pretty of towns but it would have been nice to have a wander around, our driver had other ideas. He said it wasn't safe and to just go to the bank, get our money and jump back into the van. I think he wanted to get us to where he wanted us to go and not spend any money before we got there!


After getting our money we jumped back into the van and off we went and went and went. We drive a loooooong way, through not much at all along very rough and ready 'road's driving full speed. Pot holes galore, cars, trucks and vans speeding the other way - half the time directly at us.

We finally got somewhere and it was just a fancy resort The Intercontinental. It was lovely and meant to have the best beach in Fiji but it was just a fancy, touristy resort with an average beach. We did snorkel but there weren't many fish about. Just one little sucker fish that the kids loved but scared the beejeezers out of me. (I'm scared of any 'creepy crawley type things)
Intercontinental Beach
Pool at the Intercontinental

After spending a few hours here we had to head back to make sure we didn't miss the tender back to the ship. We'd driven a looooong way, a few hours so didn't want to risk missing the ship. The only 'good' thing was if we did miss the ship our next stop, Suva, wasn't too far away from where we were so we could have met up with her tomorrow.

Locals putting on a show at Port Denaru

We made it back in time to have a quick wander around Port Denaru and then onto the tender and back to our lovely Dawnie. Once on board we freshened up and then headed to the Lido for sailaway and to watch the ice carving. Clever fellow!

Dinner at table 72 was fabulous as ever. I think Master 4 had the cutest dessert!

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