Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pacific Dawn - Day 12, Final Sea Day

Our final day at sea, this trip went by so fast and we all loved it although I think the kids and the women enjoyed it the most!

The pokey out part of the bridge

Poppy having a quiet cuppa

Cheese burger in the restaurant
We went to the restaurant for lunch today and found the best cheeseburger - thankfully for our waists we found it at the end of our cruise and the beginning, it was soooo good!

The Dome

Our final sunset on the Dawnie
We all agreed (well the girls and kids) that we will definitely be doing another cruise (and if you're on this blog you can see we certainly did!) it has been a fabulous 12 days! The staff have all been so friendly and happy and helpful - the bar staff can sometimes be hit and miss but that's what the men are here for!

The food has been plentiful and yummy - I don't think we had one disappointing meal including the kids so that's saying something!

Master 9 had this every night - pumpkin soup and damper
One of our lovely waiters

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