Monday, April 18, 2011

Pacific Dawn - Day 10 Isle of Pines

The lovely Isle of Pines, New Caledonia. This is another tender port. What a gorgeous island, it would have been so peaceful until we turned up :-)


Snorkeling and swimming was definitely in order today. All but poppy went swimming, he's not a swimmer! It's an easy walk from the tender around to the beach and the snorkeling spot. There were a few market stalls and some food stalls but that was it - what a true island stop should be. There are a couple of resorts on the island if you really need to spend some money ;-)
Market stall


Sacred Rock - snorkeling central

The kids truly enjoyed themselves today as we all did. The water was lovely and very clean. P&O set up a volley ball court on the beach side as well as organised a tug of war for the kids.



Pull kids, pull!

Fun on the beach, even teddy joined us!

Heading back to the Dawnie on the tender
After we got back on board we head to the Dome to chill out a bit and talk about what we were going to have for dinner! We're always looking forward to our next meal especially dinner in the restaurant!

A bit of pool time for the kids and enjoying the pretty quiet Lido - it was like we had it all to ourselves!

Time for dinner - yay!

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