Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pacific Dawn - April 2011, Day 1, Sailaway

9th April 2011

We never thought that we'd be back on the 'dawny' so soon but who can say no to a bargain cruise and in the school holidays!! This time it was the 8 of us in 2 quad (outside) cabins - the boys were invited! It was a longer cruise than our first one but in the end we realised it still wasn't long enough - the time just goes so fast! 7 nights for our first one and this one was 12 nights.

Got my blue cocktail glass!

Heading under the Gateway Bridge
 Pretty much everyone is up on the Lido or the top deck for sailaway - it's the party that starts your holiday. There was a band and dancers and the circus crew - lots of dancing going on, the usual Nutbush, Macarena....... fun

When we got on board we headed for our cabins - we had one on each side of the ship but were lucky because there was a little hallway joining the corridors, made it easy for the kids to zip back and forth between the cabins without getting lost.

Mr 4's cabin window

Our 'private' corridor
 After sailaway and a couple of cocktails we did a brief tour of the ship with the boys and then got ready for dinner. We were close to the Waterfront Restaurant which ended being very handy indeed - we were always cutting it close for our reservation. On our first night we were given a table for 8 and then had it booked for the whole of the cruise - same waiters each night, same time each night. It worked out perfect for us and if the kids were off at kids club (generally it was just miss 11) they knew were and what time to meat for dinner, we never missed dinner :-)

Table 72 - Waterfront Restaurant (Teddy was always invited!)

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