Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pacific Jewel - 29 January 2013, Final (bonus) sea day 6

We were meant to be back in Sydney today but, as mentioned, we were delayed on returning due to the terrible weather off the east coast of Australia. The captain did a great job of avoiding most of the really bad weather and keeping the ship as calm as he did - we were worried a little bit about how rough it might get and how sick we could get, but needed have worried at all!

We've found the storm
 As terrible as the above photo looks it wasn't too bad or even too cold.

Jeopardy in the Show Lounge
 We thought we'd see how smart, or not, we were and went to the Show Lounge for Jeopardy - surprisingly we didn't win! There are some very smart people on cruises!

Morning cuppa on the Lido

Lunch menu in the Waterfront Restaurant
 We decided to have lunch in the Waterfront for our final Jewel lunchtime - we should have stuck to the buffet. The food was fine but unfortunately the lunch companions weren't. That's one of the main reasons we didn't eat in the Waterfront as, being only the 2 of us, we would always be sat with other people. This we don't have so much of a problem with it's just the fact that you can be sat with some boring people who eat a lot or really slow - this means you have to wait for them.

We decided next time just the 2 of us travelled we would ask for a table for 2 so we could enjoy eating in the restaurant more - it is nice to be waited on!

Our Deck!
The weather cleared up a bit and was quite sunny and pleasant. No more extra days.
What storm!
 Seeing as we weren't going to get yet another extra day at sea we had to pack our suitcases and leave them outside the cabin before heading up for our final drinkies. This is when you have to make sure you've left you pj's out and your clothes for the following day.We both had small carry bags to put everything in, in the morning. It's nice not having to worry about lugging your suitcase with you off the ship but it's sad having to put it outside the room as you know that your cruise is almost over.
Time to put our suitcases out - boo
 After packing everything in our bags and beautifying ourselves we headed up to our usual spot on the Lido and toasted to a glorious holiday and started talking about our next one!
A 'bonus' last drinkies at our hot spot

Big Screen
 We had our final meal in the buffet and, as always, finished it off with dessert!

Our last dessert on the Jewel

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