Monday, January 28, 2013

Pacifc Jewel - 28 January 2013, Sea Day 5

Seas are getting a little rough
This was meant to be our last day on the Jewel.

Final of Survivor
The weather was slowly changing from glorious sun to clouds and wind and the seas were gradually getting rougher - this certainly didn't change the atmosphere on the ship. We were still on holidays and we had a bonus day to boot!

A little bit windy
After getting a little bit wind blown we went downstairs to the Art Auction but due to the fact that there were millions of people in the Atrium (where the auction is held) it ended up being a silent auction - not quite the same! I did still get a free glass of (not that special) champagne!
Champagne from the Art Auction
The Casbah - predinner drinkies in here tonight
 We decided to have our pre dinner drinkies in the Casbah tonight and listen to Maurius the violinist. It is quite amazing when you're on a cruise ship with about 2,000 other people and you go into one of the main lounge areas and there's about 5 people in there - where is everyone!

Maurius and his violin

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