Friday, January 25, 2013

Pacific Jewel - 25 January 2013, Mare

Next port of call is Mare
This is another island we haven't been to, so again we were eager to see what Mare had to offer.

First tender down

A yummy breakfast was needed!
Now of course we couldn't just rush off the ship we HAD to have breakfast first - we need our energy! We love our breakfasts on the Jewel - pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs plus a couple of danishes on the side, what's not to love!
A big breakfast for mum
 We headed out to the Lido deck to enjoy a quiet cuppa before heading down stairs to get our tender tickets, no rush we had all day. The only tour you can do on Mare is to catch a bus to the the beach - it is meant to be stunning but we decided against it. It was $20pp. We'd been swimming at Wala yesterday so thought we'd just wander around Mare.
Lido Deck - always a great place to sit

What's not to smile about!
 After our lazy start to the morning we grabbed our tender tickets and waited for it to be called.

Each person needs at tender ticket (including kids)
It was another warm day just a little bit overcast. We didn't have to wait long and before we knew it we were at Mare - about 5 mins on the tender.

Once at Mare we followed the crowd which lead us to the markets. These were only fairly small but nice to have a look at.

New footpaths were going in

Gorgeous clear water

Mare Police Station

There isn't a whole lot to do at Mare so I guess that's why the majority of the ship caught a bus to the beach - I hope it's a BIG beach, that's a lot of people!

We wandered around for a couple of hours and then realised it was lunch time ;-) Back to the wharf to wait for a tender. As with Wala, the tenders are always going back and forth so it's generally not too long a wait.

No far from the tenders was where you caught the bus

There's the Jewel waiting for us
Back on board and we head to our cabin for a quick freshen up and to leave our towels and then it's upstairs to the.............buffet :-)

We LOVED the setup of the Jewel's buffet


Loading the tenders back onboard

The local ferry to Noumea
Yet another fantastic day and time to head to our 'hot spot' for sailaway drinks!

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