Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pacific Jewel - 27 January 2013, Sea Day 4

Heading back to Sydney, boo. Those port days just flew by!

Our cabin - 6130

The Oasis Lounge - Adults only
While relaxing out the back of the ship in the Oasis Lounge there was an announcement from our Captain, it was a BIG announcement. Due to terrible weather off the east coast of Australia we would be arriving back in Sydney late, a whole day late! Woohoo! This was going to cause major problems for some people, both on our cruise and for the next cruise, but for us we just SMILED and high fived!

and relax!

Dreaming of the extra meals we'll get!
 We did also have to think about other things, like changing our travel arrangements and also lunch:

After lunch we headed downstairs to Deck 5 and reception - boy was it busy here! People everywhere! The ship had put out extra phones that were direct linked to the main airlines to help people change flights etc plus they also made the phones in the Atrium free for people who had to call family, work etc. The only problem with this was people getting on the phones and have a good old gasbag! The queues were long, this wasn't the time to tell your family what you'd done for the last 10 days! A few people were getting a bit antzy! We left it for a bit and just enjoyed being on the Jewel.

Coffee - don't mind if I do!
We went back down to the phones and sat in line waiting for the phone. We needed to change our train to the following day so we just rang home and got them to do it. Once that was all sorted (we did have to call back again just to confirm everything) we went out to deck 7 and watched the rolling seas - it looked so rough yet we could hardly feel it at all on the ship!

Deck 7 - reading & relaxing

Deck 7
It was very peaceful here, I think half the ship were still on Deck 5 sorting out their travel plans!

Stairs- lots of stairs

Main stairs in the Atrium

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