Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pacific Jewel - 30 January 2013, Day 11, Debark Day

This was our debark day (time to get off the Jewel) so we wanted to be up early to watch us sail into Sydney Harbour - soooooo beautiful!

Sydney Heads

Beautiful Sydney Harbour

Fort Denison

Sydney Opera House

Darling Harbour

And we are back, :-(
Our final morning on the Jewel. After watching us sail into Sydney we went back to the cabin for a quick shower and then back to the buffet for our final breakfast on the Jewel. It was a relaxed morning, we were giving our debark details the evening before so knew when we would be heading off the ship - once we were all finished (eating) we grab our bags from our cabin - checked all the cupboards and drawers for the final time and went the atrium to wait for our number to be called. With your debark details you are given a time and place to wait. It was by deck numbers and areas - they start at the top and work their way down the decks.

The Jewel was docked at Barangaroo at the very bottom of Darling Harbour - seeing as we walked from the station down here when we were leaving on our cruise we did the same, but in reverse, heading home. Not quite the same when your heading home instead of heading off on a cruise.

We didn't need to rush as our train didn't leave until 4.30pm and we were off the ship at around 9am but we did want to get to the station and see if we could change our train to the earlier 11.30am one. When we changed our travel plans the estimated arrival time of the Jewel was around 10am so we didn't want to risk booking the earlier train in case it was late but in the end we arrived in early. Thankfully we were able to change our train!!
Heading home on the XPT

We got back home at about 8pm that night - it's a looooong train trip! We both agreed that the day trip is much better than the night one - we don't think we'll be catching the midnight train any time soon (unless of course we get another bargain cruise!).

We had an absolutely marvelous time on the Pacific Jewel!

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