Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pacific Jewel - 23 January 2013, Wala

Our first port day and we're catching a tender to Wala! We LOVED Wala! We had to collect our tender tickets from Deck 7 in the Promenade Bar and then sit and wait until they called our number - it didn't take long. We just sat at one of the tables overlooking the atrium and people watched.
Our tender tickets - you need to get one each.

One of the tenders heading to beautiful Wala - it was only about a 5 minute trip.
Since this is our 3rd cruise we knew what to expect when getting on and off the tenders and the staff are always very helpful and ensure your safe at all times. Your cruise card gets scanned when you leave and then again when you get back onboard - it's easy and doesn't take long. To get onto a tender you need to walk along a short platform that has been lowered down from the ship and then step across onto the tender. There are staff their to assist plus hand rails but you do need to take care as the tenders often move around a bit.
The Jewel from the tender!
Getting off the tender is at a small pier:
Wala pier
Wala is just gorgeous! The water was so clear and nice and warm, we paddled around for ages! We didn't have any snorkles but a few people we spoke to said that there was great snorkling a bit further around. Next time! edited to add: cruises have since stopped going to Wala due to civil unrest.

Gorgeous Wala looking out towards our ship

Clean beaches and calm seas

A local ferry wondering where to go
After swimming and wandering around the island we heading back to the Jewel for lunch, our bellies were getting a bit noisey!

The Jewel from the tender - we're on our way!

Beautiful day
We were so lucky with the weather, it was perfect. After lunch in the buffet it was time to do nothing :-) We wandered around the ship for a bit admiring the gorgeous view and the headed back to our cabin, using the stairs of course, for a shower and change into our hotspot clothes!

These stairs got a good workout - lead out to the Lido

Hotspot time, again.

After dinner, in the buffet, we caught the circus show on the Lido. The weather was perfect for it and I think half the ship was up there. The lido and deck 14 were packed. Luckily we found a small spot where we could peek through and see what was happening. Acrobatics at sea - spinning and twisting, running, jumping and rolling. It was all going on!

Circus show on the Lido

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