Monday, January 21, 2013

Pacific Jewel - 20 January 2013, Sea day 1

Our first sea day on the Jewel, the white lady of the sea as our captain called her. Most of our sea days and even the port days went something like this: get up, have a shower, head to the buffet, grab a tray and plate and then filler up :o) I usually had pancakes or french toast, scrambled eggs, bacon and maple syrup - yum. Find a table and then go and get an orange juice from the drink station, there were 4 of these on the lido - 2 at the back of the buffet and 2 heading into the buffet. Another difference the Jewel buffet has from the Dawn buffet is that it has got The Grill which has made to order burgers and rolls. I believe after 5pm there is a charge but before that it is all included!

Deck 14
After breakfast (and for some reason I don't have a photo of it!!) we go for a relaxing walk around deck 14 - we do a lot of walking on a cruise to make up for all of the eating we do! HOT TIP: always take the stairs and then you don't need to feel guilty about having that 2nd (or 3rd) helping!

There is a lot to do on the ship or you can also choose to do nothing, exhibit A:
Deck 7 0 nice and peaceful
This is deck 7 and was a great place to relax. Very peaceful. We did find that the Lido deck wasn't that relaxing a lot of the time as they often had the big screen on (full blast) with some silly movie on. That was a bit disappointing for us especially when we'd get all comfy and then suddenly BOOOOOMP BOOOO BOOOOO - a movie starts. I didn't realise they used it during the day I actaully thought it was more for movies under the stars. Nevermind at least there are plently of other places to relax - this is where the dome would come in very handy! HOT TIP: head to deck 7 for some quiet time.
Busy atrium - cake decorating is happening
This is the atrium on deck 5 and on the first sea day morning they had a cake decorating competition - we didn't enter but it was fun to watch.

Creamed rice - my favourite!

The first evening at sea was 'Formal Night' - I don't get all dressed up (I don't own any formal gear!) but it is nice to make a bit of an effort. Generally we find that people going to the Waterfront Restaurant will get fancied up but if you're just planning on going to the buffet you can be a bit more relaxed - the choice is yours!

This is my take on 'formal'
This is in the Casbah one of two bars on deck 7. There was either a guy playing the piano (Shay) or a guy playing the violin, depending on the time of evening. Both were great even though the times we were there not many other people were.

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