Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pacific Jewel - 21 & 22 January 2013, Sea days 2 and 3

Second and third sea day - more food, more sun, more reading and more doing not much at all. Just what a cruise should be!

Heading off to breakfast!
We headed out the back for some sun and a bit of reading - a fabulous spot to sit when it isn't too windy.
In the distance you can just see the Sun Princess passing us on her way back to Sydney
Deck chairing out the back on deck 8
This is deck 8 just below the Lido and buffet so not too far to go for a coffee or something to eat! On a side note: the coffee isn't that flash!

After spending the day doing not much at all it was time to freshen up and head up to the Lido to our hotspot for a whinge and a wine. People watching was the order of the day. We always saw the same lady wrangling her kids, she didn't look very relaxed but I think she was still enjoying herself. I prefer my wrangling, trying to get the ice out of the ice bucket!

Hotspot time! Don't blink.

Something awaiting for us when we returned to our cabin 6130 after our lovely room steward had been in: a swan towel
Day 3 roomy
Our third night was Pirate Night. I didn't get dressed up but plenty of other people did including mum: (sort of)
Pirate Bev, aarrrgggg!
Dinner in the Plantation buffet and then off to bed. Tomorrow is an 'exciting and new' port - Wala, we can't wait!

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